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Scent Object
₩ 250,000
Scent objet for an ideal space
Made to Order.
(Glass Diffuser+Marble Holder+Bottle 250ml+Sticks 5ea)
Scent Object More
Made to Order.
(Glass Diffuser+Marble Holder+Bottle 250ml+Sticks 5ea)
As a custom-made product, it takes time to produce.
The pine needles subtly add oriental atmosphere to the warmth of wormwood, a type of mugwort, and the deep scent of amber, which permeates lightly, gently leaves a lingering impression.
ingredients Ethanol, Purified Water, Fragrance, Limonene, Citral, Linalool, Methoxy Methybutanol, Dipropylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate.
How to use (1) Check the sticker on the back of white marble. Before use, press the glass bowl to the right position. For the safety reason, it is recommended to use it without removing the sticker from the marble.
(2) Put the diffuser stick in the glass bowl filled with the solution. About 10 seconds later, carefully take it out and then stick it in the opposite direction. It is helpful for the quick release of scent.
(3) In case when using another refillable solution of new scent besides the purchased scent, slightly wash it with regular alcohol. After perfectly drying it in the sun for 2-3 days, reuse it.
Cautions · As a product together with a glass craftsman professionally handling the grass crafts, many processes are required to create a single glass bowl, so the production quantity a day is limited. In the characteristics of handwork process, it is based on order-made. After opening the product(in case when the sticker is removed), the cancellation/refund is not allowed.
· As a hand-made product, the glass diffuser has different shape and size in each object. Such fine bubbles and lines on the glass are regarded as natural phenomena, rather than flaws of the product.
(1) Do not spray the contents of the product by putting it in a sprayer.
(2) In case of people with sensitive or damaged skin, be careful not to contact the product for a long time.
(3) In case when using a refillable container: You should be careful as the inner stopper and contents could splash due to the internal pressure when opening it. In case of storage after opening, make sure to completely remove the inner stopper.
(4) In case when using a glass container: In case when it is washed with hot water, the container could be deformed or broken.
Manufacturer INNOCOS
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