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This product can only be purchased at the Tamburins offline store.

the scent of instincts | noble musk | sacred trees

Musk's primitive and warm scent of flesh, which contains the scent of animal instincts, stimulates the nose, and the lingering sensual scent of a musty cigar is pungent, causing a variation in senses. It is a sensual and elegant scent that creates a subtle tone by adding spiciness to the soft scent of flesh you feel when you are in the arms of your loved one.
오브젝트 컬렉션 코쿤 머스크 캔들은 1번부터 300번까지 고유 번호가 새겨진 한정 수량 제품으로, 준비된 모든 수량이 소진 되어 판매가 종료되었습니다.
Product Details
ingredients [Main substances] Soy wax, fragrances(Vanillin, etc), [Allergic substance] Cinnamyl Alcohol, limonene, linalool, eugenol, Cinnamal, coumarin, geraniol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone
How to use (1) Always cut the wick shorter than 5mm. (Long wicks are the main cause of soot.)
(2) It is recommended to use the candle long enough for its top to melt uniformly. (If the time is too short, only the middle part may melt and tunneling may occur.)
Cautions (1) Be careful not to drop the product.
(2) Use a candle holder that does not burn.
(3) keep it out of reach of children.
(4) Do not expose it to direct sunlight, heat, or firearms.
(5) Avoid using it for a long time and going out while leaving it on.
(6) Avoid using it in places or close to objects that are at risk of fire.
(7) Use the candle on a flat surface, not on a slanted surface.
(8) Stop using scented wax if it remains less than 1cm as there is a risk of fire.
(9) Do not touch the container while the candle is burning as it is hot.
(10) People with sensitive or damaged skin should be careful not to touch the product for a long time.
(11) Please ventilate sufficiently when using in an enclosed space.
* If the cement container is stained with liquid that may be migrated, wipe it lightly with a wet tissue. (If you rub it hard, the color may smear.)
First aid (1) If skin irritation or red spots appear, consult a doctor for medical action.
(2) If the contents come into contact with your eyes or skin, wash them away with clean water, and consult a doctor if there is any problem.
(3) If swallowed, spit it out immediately, wash your mouth, and see a doctor immediately.

Before falling asleep in a small studio, a white silkworm appeared at the end of my gaze. The warmth of the silkworm, which wraps around its body with a soft yet tough white thread that continues endlessly, stimulates musk’s dreamy and warm scent of flesh. The lingering sensual scent of a musty cigar like tar is pungent, causing a variation in senses, and surrounds my body, revealing the heavy and solid aspect of the GUAIAC tree. This soft and bold scent awakens all my senses and sucks me into a basket of mysterious scents like fantasy. It envelops in the powdery softness like a child’s skin and colors my skin with a sweet and smoky dignity, leaving a spicy aftertaste.

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