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OBJECT COLLECTION CANDLE, created in collaboration of Tamburins & Bae Se-jin, has
become a unique work by putting together about 160 to 170 small pieces.
The repetitive act
of attaching pieces one by one leads to constant reflection on time and self. In the process
of burning candles, we experience the same as well. The moment we light the candle, we
record another time in our daily lives and focus on our moments. The moment it gets dark,
we develop that time into a piece of memory.

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Glass diffuser

The glass diffuser with elegant silhouette, embodying the unique design of the Tamburins, is
a work of a glass craftsman who manually created each glass ball, and each individual glass
ball has its own beauty of different shapes and sizes through several handicraft processes.
Fill your daily space with vitality and relaxation with Tamburins' unique OBJECT
COLLECTION that conveys more value than a product.

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